About    Talty Real Estate Development and Sales

For the past twenty years Talty Real Estate Development and Sales has developed and sold outstanding residential properties throughout the New England market, from Nantucket to Maine. We are differentiated by two decades of experience in selecting the precise combination of materials, labor and production methods to deliver value to our customers. We provide ourselves in the fact we deliver a higher quality home, in less time, for less money than any of our competitors in every market in which we operate. Come see the value for yourself.  Call today. (207) 351-3338 

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We deliver the most unique designs that satisfy the tastes, attitudes and lifestyles of today's buyers. Our homes offer the latest technologies and products available to new construction.  We focus on energy efficient features which bolster the homes performance and eases the demands on your budget. We deliver an Energy Star level insulation package, high efficiency heating units (95% or greater), high efficiency on demand hot water, Energy Star light fixtures and appliances. As well as low maintenance exteriors.

Our interiors are appointed using the finest materials and workmanship available at the appropriate price point. The best testament of the value we can provide is the fact we sold a home to a competing home builder for use as his personal residence for his family. This home builder could not produce the same home with the same specifications at the price point and location which we were offering our home for sale.